Frankenhaus German Shepherds

articles of interest

how we became known as frankenhaus

John Ayotte (Dec 2003)
A bit of history of our kennel name, our time in Germany, and Franken wines...

on the standard for the german shepherd dog

John Ayotte (Feb 2003)
An analysis of the text of the Standard, and an attempt to clarify some of the terminology...

color genetics

John Ayotte (Nov 2002)
An attempt to summarize the best information available on the inheritance of coat color in the German Shepherd Dog...


John Ayotte (Dec 2002)
The Total German Shepherd, style, versatility, and inclusion...

standard comparison

John Ayotte (Jan 1999)
Identifying the differences and similarities between the GSDCA/AKC standard, the SV/WUSV standard, and the FCI standard for the German Shepherd Dog...

standard proposal reaction

John Ayotte (Jun 1999)
My reaction to an early draft of a proposed revised standard for the German Shepherd Dog...

Analysis of the "Ad Hoc" Committee "Final Draft"

John Ayotte (Oct 1999)
My analysis of the Final Draft from the Ad Hoc Committee that was released at the 1999 National in Del Mar California...
Jason was a very large bi-color with a beautiful head, and structure that looked like a throw-back to the '20s.
Teri with Jason (our first German Shepherd) and Brandy (Brandywine of Rohan) in 1974. Brandy was a Ch Beau of Fran-Jo daughter, our first sable, and our first show dog.