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We are very pleased to present Sage, our newest sable champion. Thank you Tiffany Bartley and JoAnn Corbin for the opportunity to own, campaign, and finish this fine bitch. Watch for Sage in specials with Jeff Pyle.

Sage is everything we look for in a show dog, with type, style, attitude, temperament and movement.

Sage is now OFA, H&E. GS-76260G37F-PI (GOOD at 37 months), GS-EL20398F37-PI (NORMAL at 37 months).

Another trip...

to Canada resulted in a very nice 4th place Open Bitch at the Canadian National under Lee Brown. Thank you Lee for this placing in a quality filled class.

Best of Breed...

in her 2nd outing as a special. Thank you Bob Slay for this win at the GSDC of Central Ohio fall specialty.

The big day...

finally came at one of the few shows that we were not able to attend. Sage was presented to perfection by Jeff and Nick at the Cudahy KC outdoor all-breed show where she was winners bitch for her 4th major, going on to BOW and BOS under Chris Walkowicz. Thanks to everyone involved: Jeff, Nick and Sean, Tiffany and Joann, and all of the fine judges who awarded her points, major reserves, and Futurity/Maturity wins and placing in both the US and Canada. Now it's on to the Canadian and US Nationals!

Sage gaiting...

we shot some quick video of Sage gaiting while we were practicing with her in Muncie. I couldn't double, since I was shooting the video, and there was no competition. The video still gives a pretty good idea of how she moves. There is a brief clip at full speed and then some slow motion. This is a fairly large Quicktime file, so those of you without high speed connections or the Quicktime player might not want to try playing it.

The good ones...

do win in both rings, indoors and outdoors. Here is the photo of Sage from her 1pt all breed win at the Dan Emmett KC under RR Hartinger. Showing a bitch with Sage's long, outreaching stride can be a challange in a small indoor all breed ring, but some judges are able to see quality movement in spite of the ring size.

Latest trip ...

to Canada. Here is the picture from Sage's Res Maturity Female win at the Ontario Futurity/Maturity. Thank you to Marylin Smith for this prestigeous win, and to Dean Wylie for her 5 pt Winners Female the next day.


returned to the GSDC of Northern Ohio spring show and repeated her win of last spring for her 3rd major. Thank you to Edie Trocki for this great win, and to the Northern Ohio club for putting on such a nice show.

Sage finished with 4 majors on Aug 12th 2006.

Sage started her show carrier with us at the winter triangle in Chicago in early 2005. By winning the Novice class two days, we had an inkling that we were in for a fun trip. When she won a her first points by taking a 4pt major and was also selected as BOB over specials by Jamie Walker at the 2005 Northern Ohio spring specialty we were pretty sure she was a good one.

In the Summer of 2005 we traveled to Canada to show for the first time. When judge, Donna Calabrese, took Sage all the way to Best in Futurity in the East Ontario Region, she reaffirmed our growing faith in this supurb bitch. While our trip to the Midwest Futurity in the US only resulted in a 2nd Intermediate Bitch from Bob Slay, we knew Sage was very competitive with the best birtches out there.

Sage was very competitive in the Futurity finals in Canada in 2005. Although she didn't win, she was close, and she began to demonstrate her preference for a BIG ring where she could really strut her stuff and use it all on a lose lead. At the US National in 2005 she was moved up each time she made a pass, again using every inch of the ring, and made here way to 5th in Am Bred before Debbie made her final selection.

A trip to Western Kentucky in December resulted in Sage's 2nd major, 5pts and BOS over specials from Ed Barritt. Then in the spring of 2006 we tried Sage in a few small all-breed shows and collected 1pt for WB (& BOS) from M Canestrini at the Ft St Clair KC.

Sage returned to the Northern Ohio Specialty where she had won the previous year and added another 3pt major (& BOW) from Edie Trocki. We left directly from Northern Ohio for the Northeast Futurity where Sage was 2nd Senior Maturity Bitch under Bob Grady.

Our second trip to Canada resulted in Reserve Maturity Female from Marylin Smith (Ontario) and a 5pt winners bitch from Dean Wylie (Town & Country) for her first Canadian points.

In July Sage added one more small local all-breed point with a WB, BOW and BOS from RR Hartinger (Dan Emmett KC). On August 12th, 2006 she finished her championship in syle by adding a 4th major, for 3 points under Chris Walkowicz at the Cudahy KC show in Wisconsin.

We'd like to thank all of the judges who awarded Sage her points and Futurity/Maturity placings. We'd also like to thank the following judges who recognized her competitiveness with major reserves along the way: Kathy Casteel in Canada, Twyla Miner, Lee Brown, Bo Vujovich, Dan Dwier, Joan Fox, Sharon Newcomb, Gary Sparschu, and Debbie Hokkanan.

Sage will be presented at the Canadian National again this year by Jeff Pyle (we will not be able to be there oureselves, since my daughter, Christy's, wedding is that Saturday). We will also show her in Specials at the US National in St Louis. Where she will go from there, and how she will contribute to the breed, is yet to be determined. We know, however, that it will continue to be a fun ride for all of the great people that are involved. Continued thanks to Tiffany, Joann, and Jeff, and all of Sage's ringside fans. And, of course, thanks again to the fine judges that have recognized and honored her.


picked up her 2nd major (5pt) at the GSDC of West Kentucky in December of 2005. In a very close competition with the bitch that she went reserve to (and who finished) the next day under Dan Dwier, Ed Barritt selected her as his Winners Bitch based on her body type and style. Thank you Ed, for your nice comments, and thanks to the GSDC of West Kentucky for holding these fun outdoor shows in the winter!

For our...

biggest thrill in showing so far, Sage went all the way to Best in Futurity in the Eastern Ontario Quebec Region in July of 2005 under Donna Calabrese. Thank you Donna for finding and rewarding her. Thank you Jeff and Sean for another great job of presenting her. Thank you Sandra Gaebler and Mark Gaetz for your hospitality and having bred her sire, Big Jake. And, thank you to all the Canadian exhibitors for making us feel welcome, and making your shows so much fun!

Best of Breed...

over specials at 15 months from the Am Bred class at the May 2005 Northern Ohio Speciality for her first 4 point major! Thank you Jamie Walker for this great win, Jeff Pyle and Sean Bragg for their great job of handling, grooming, and doubling, and to Christina Sparaga for taking her back in for the BOB competition and taking her all the way!

And special thanks to Jamie for getting Sage started, and this kind critique, "A medium-sized sable bitch of beautiful type. I love to see a one-piece dog, working in total harmony with all of its parts, perfectly balanced. This was 'Sage'. She is lovely in all aspects and has wonderful temperament. Because she comes so close to the Standard as I interpret it, she also got the nod for BEST OF BREED."

BIF Can Am Ch Joelle's Sagebrush v Gableridge OFA H&E

Sire: Ch Big Jake of Gableridge OFA

Dam: Joelle's Mistletwo OFA

Four Generation Pedigree